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How Western media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere

Excellent piece from Karen Attiah in the Washington Post, for those who didn’t see it this week. Good in so many directions at once – for instance: The United Kingdom expressed concern over the troubling turn of events in America in the … Continue reading

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NGOs: do they really help?

The main section of this month’s New Internationalist opens up the existential issue of whether NGOs (and in particular international development NGOs) are now doing more harm than good around the world. The theme is an increasingly common one in blogs, … Continue reading

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Celebs and journos: any good for development?

Does INGO use of celebrities have any positive impact in the real world, or is it really just a sneaky way for charities to attract corporate sponsors to their brand? Dan Brockington’s research into INGO use of celebrities for advocacy purposes has now been made available via open access … Continue reading

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More stereotypes

Here’s an interesting blog about why every novel on Africa has the same cover image.  Its not about development, per se, but what interested me most is that it shows that the development sector is just one perpetrator of myths … Continue reading

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Cultural critiques of Development

More and more I’m finding clever critiques of development and development NGOs emerging from cultural circles, both from the north and south that I wanted to share with the Progressive Development Forum. There is this one from Kenya, a “mockumentary” … Continue reading

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Changing development discourse

Health Poverty Action we have been trying to take a more progressive approach to how we communicate. Continue reading

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Business no longer interested in NGOs

The Guardian’s coverage of the latest study of business attitudes to sustainable development is interesting for homing in on the diminishing significance of NGOs in corporate eyes. The report itself, a joint venture between Accenture and the UN’s Global Compact, is … Continue reading

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Give someone a fish… updated

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Turning up the heat on the New Alliance

The debate on the G8 and its New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is hotting up. Following on from the critical pieces listed at the bottom of the previous post, George Monbiot has weighed in with a timely critique in the … Continue reading

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All you need is aid

And so it came to pass. The resounding message coming out of this weekend’s hunger summit and IF campaign event was exactly as predicted: more charity is needed to solve Africa’s problems, not structural change. Aid agencies declared themselves thrilled … Continue reading

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What are we here for?

Larry Elliott’s piece in Monday’s Guardian highlighted the failure of the IF campaign to challenge the British government on the key issues of poverty, inequality or development, and posed the same existential question as Sunit in his post on this site … Continue reading

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Rewriting history: Blair, Iraq and the Gleneagles G8

Just over two weeks to go until the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, and the Observer launches what looks like a desperate campaign to rehabilitate the reputation of Tony Blair. The vehicle for so doing is … Continue reading

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How do you feed the world?

The Why Poverty? films shown on TV in 72 countries at the end of last year have now been made available online. With next week’s launch of the aid agencies’ joint campaign on food and hunger, what better time to watch … Continue reading

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The aid delusion

The new year has started where the old left off, with a media spotlight on the shortcomings of overseas aid. As 2013 is set to be the year when the UK finally reaches the hallowed 0.7% target (see Graham’s posting … Continue reading

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Why Poverty?

The two latest films in the Why Poverty series currently being screened on the BBC (and in 70 other countries) demonstrate both the potential and the pitfalls of broadcast journalism. Starting with the positive, Monday’s film ‘Stealing Africa’ exposed the … Continue reading

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