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NGOs: do they really help?

The main section of this month’s New Internationalist opens up the existential issue of whether NGOs (and in particular international development NGOs) are now doing more harm than good around the world. The theme is an increasingly common one in blogs, … Continue reading

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We got this, Bob Geldof, so back off

For those who haven’t seen the responses coming out of Africa to the fourth appearance of the Band Aid single earlier this week, Al Jazeera collected a number of critiques of the ‘white saviour complex’ in this article. Ghanaian musician … Continue reading

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More stereotypes

Here’s an interesting blog about why every novel on Africa has the same cover image.  Its not about development, per se, but what interested me most is that it shows that the development sector is just one perpetrator of myths … Continue reading

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White Charity

At the end of last year, Nik Barry-Shaw (author of the critique of Canadian development NGOs, Paved with Good Intentions) posted a comment on this website noting that we must be wary of seeing the depoliticisation of INGOs as a particularly British … Continue reading

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Turning the tables

The Guardian today carries news of a great spoof on charity singles and unthinking aid appeals with Radi-AID, collecting radiators from Africans for the poor frozen unfortunates of Norway. It’s a witty way of reminding people involved in international development … Continue reading

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Unacceptable images of the majority world

Following on from Philip’s book review in the previous post and the discussion at yesterday’s meeting of the Progressive Development Forum, here are two of the TV ads put out by Save the Children that have caused so much anger … Continue reading

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Supporting or Undermining Real Change: Representations of Global Poverty

What do the fundraising and advocacy messages that International NGOs send out actually tell us about global poverty? How do they help us to understand and respond to it? How do they influence our understanding? These are questions addressed by … Continue reading

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