How do you feed the world?

The Why Poverty? films shown on TV in 72 countries at the end of last year have now been made available online. With next week’s launch of the aid agencies’ joint campaign on food and hunger, what better time to watch the excellent film on Mali with its stark contrast between corporate plantation agriculture and sustainable peasant farming? And, while we’re at it, we wish our friends in La Via Campesina a very happy 20th anniversary for 2013.


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One Response to How do you feed the world?

  1. Sue Branford says:

    Fantastic documentary! I wonder how the film-makers got such access to the sugar barons? Really interesting background to the current conflict in Mali. And, of course, it raises the question that won’t be answered in the media coverage: how is the current conflict affecting the lives of these villagers? Villagers, who kept their land fortuitously, thanks to a military coup!

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