Meeting – UK development sector and illicit drugs policy

Christian Aid and Health Poverty Action are hosting a meeting of development and other NGOs to discuss creating a joint position for the UK development sector on the issue of illicit drugs policy.  The meeting will take place at 10 am on Monday, 8 December at Health Poverty Action’s offices on the ground floor at 31-33 Bondway, London SW8 1SJ.  The office is a short walk from Vauxhall Tube and rail stations.  A map is available here:

Health Poverty Action has recently begun working with development NGOs to engage in the growing global debate around the current ‘War on Drugs’ and its negative impacts on development, especially for poor farmers and producers.  HPA is looking especially at the effects of international and national drug policy on conflict, as well as on poverty, inequality, governance, health, and land rights.  The UN will be re-evaluating its drug policies at a Special Session of the General Assembly (UNGASS) in 2016, providing a key opportunity for the development sector to help ensure that future policies do not exacerbate conflict and poverty.  This meeting will look at developing a position statement for the sector prior to the preliminary UNGASS discussions happening in March.

If you’re interested in coming along (whether to participate or just to learn more), please contact Catherine Martin at or 020 7840 3745.


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One Response to Meeting – UK development sector and illicit drugs policy

  1. Can’t make this meeting sadly, but congratulations to HPA and CA for having the balls to take this issue. The public mood is now turning on this issue – common sense looks like it is starting to prevail. Some brave governments are also putting their heads above the parapet on this issue. Drugs policy reform is desperately needed – for the global south as much as the (over) developed world. Hope the meeting goes well.

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