White Charity

At the end of last year, Nik Barry-Shaw (author of the critique of Canadian development NGOs, Paved with Good Intentions) posted a comment on this website noting that we must be wary of seeing the depoliticisation of INGOs as a particularly British phenomenon. Indeed, it’s interesting to see  how widespread the critique is. A two-part blog out at the end of last year makes many of the same points from the Australian context, while the same debate is apparently raging in the Netherlands too – to prove it’s not a purely Anglo-Saxon malaise!

The video below, ‘White Charity’, is very much in the same vein. It comes from Glokal, the group that has published a detailed study of the language and imagery used by German INGOs in their representation of the Other (summary in English here). The video is a postcolonial analysis of charity fundraising images; English subtitles can be turned on via the Youtube captions button at the bottom right hand of the frame.


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Executive Director at War on Want
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