Online debate on the draft PDF ‘charter’

At the Progressive Development Forum held on 16 July 2013, it was agreed that we should open up an online space for discussion of the draft ‘charter’ of principles drawn up for the Forum by a group of volunteers earlier this year. The text now has its own page on this site here (or via the ‘Draft charter’ tab in the header at the top of each page), and everyone is warmly encouraged to use the comments facility at the bottom of that page to suggest amendments. It is hoped that such a discussion will be useful in itself, in that it might tease out some of the more contentious issues that we should be debating anyway – which was the original purpose of the Progressive Development Forum. Don’t hold back!


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2 Responses to Online debate on the draft PDF ‘charter’

  1. Simon Wright says:

    I wanted to make the same point that I made at the meeting – that some of the language – “stop doing” could be more inclusive. Most of our organisations need to raise funds for projects in developing countries and are striving to make sure those are not contradictory to the principles of development. I think articulating those principles that we all believe in is really worthwhile. I would really like to see something about supporting people to find their own solutions rather than imposing solutions (or problems) from above. I woud suggest: empowering those without power to change their own lives, with our support in removing the global, national and local obstacles which currently prevent this.

  2. No specific comments on the text at this stage – but,as a principle, I think it’s important the charter puts clear blue water between Progressive Development and ‘typical’ or ‘mainstream’ develoment. We want to put down a marker, and generate challenging debate. We mustn’t try to write it in a way that will allow almost anyone to sign.

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