Unacceptable images of the majority world

Following on from Philip’s book review in the previous post and the discussion at yesterday’s meeting of the Progressive Development Forum, here are two of the TV ads put out by Save the Children that have caused so much anger as being degrading and counter to the code of conduct on images of the majority world. Click on each picture to play the ads themselves.


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3 Responses to Unacceptable images of the majority world

  1. Ben Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing these, I hadn’t seen them on TV. They’re awful.

    Has Save the Children responded to criticism on this?

    And on the same theme, the latest DFID promotional video has some inappropriate imagery as well. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JztmHP1tz3c. It’s not in the same league as the Save the Children videos, but I’m pretty sure it would be in breach of the code of conduct.

  2. These are awful. We’re always criticising the private sector for lack of teeth when it comes to self-regulation. It’s time we discussed how as a sector we can impose sanctions when our codes are violated.

  3. It is time for images like these to be left in the past and what annoys me most is Save the Children have a very good photo policy around maintaining dignity – they just don’t seem to follow it! They are not the only offenders out there though and this is a problem that needs addressing; not just because this is outdated but because it misinforms, detracts from good dev ed work and strips people of their dignity as human beings. I (www.lauracookphotography.net) am a member of The Guild of Visual Peacekeepers. Whilst their Code of Ethics is not designed for NGOs as an NGO photographer and communicator I think it is a really sound basis for work. I recommend checking it out. Lets have some more discussion on this topic are, thanks for raising it. http://visualpeacemakers.org/about/ethical_code/

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