The world of aid-funded business, just £50+VAT

Andrew Gilligan’s piece in today’s Sunday Telegraph is the latest in a long line condemning DFID for channelling hundreds of millions of pounds of aid money to private consultancies each year. This is not a new story; some readers may find it similar to the ‘foreign aid bombshell’ dropped by ActionAid in the Sunday Express two months back. Nor is the practice unique to this government: Labour delighted in handing out large sums to privatisation consultants, as we found in research conducted back in 2004. Yet the part of the story that is routinely missed is the effort put in by government to train businesses in how they can make money out of the aid budget. For just £50+VAT (includes networking lunch and refreshments) you too can attend UK Trade & Investment’s next introductory workshop on 9 October to the world of aid-funded business. As the flyer says, “Aid Funded Business is about win-win. British companies win the business, the aid agency funds a sound project and the developing country gains a sustainable asset.” Sorted.


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Executive Director at War on Want
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