Christian Aid seeks ‘exit strategy’ from aid

Two interesting reflections on the changing of the guard at DFID, as Justine Greening is ‘demoted’ to secretary of state for international development. The ODI’s Jonny Glennie continues his good work reminding people that aid is of limited significance in the grand scheme of things, and condemns outgoing SoS Andrew Mitchell for further depoliticising the development debate (i.e. upholding the status quo). Of more significance, perhaps, is the welcome given to Greening by Christian Aid’s Sol Oyuela, who writes that “what we most want from Greening is an intelligent exit strategy from aid”. It is refreshing to see one of the big five BOAG agencies publicly calling on the government to move beyond aid, even if the prescription for getting there (more transparency, cooperation and capacity building on tax) is limited in its ambition. Lest there should be any doubt, director Loretta Minghella confirms that this is official Christian Aid policy: “Aid alone will never end poverty, so we’d like to see DFID implement a credible exit strategy from aid… This is what we will be pushing DFID on, in the months and years to come.”


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