How to renew the public debate on economics

I hadn’t seen this Carnegie Trust report when it first came out this summer, but it makes interesting reading for those of us who were previously engaged in the fight against the WTO as part of the Trade Justice Movement, Our World Is Not For Sale and other coalitions. The report asks the same questions that many of us have been grappling with for ages, namely what to do when the unifying focus of an identifiable enemy (the WTO) gives way to a more systemic challenge (the failings of global capitalism). It also poses a number of questions challenging civil society in Britain to get far more involved in renewing the public debate on economics – both as it pertains to the global and to the domestic context. Fascinating to see the same basic issues coming up again and again in so many different places – leaves no doubt that this is a crucial agenda for all of us to address.


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One Response to How to renew the public debate on economics

  1. Intelligent and well-informed article – good to see some of the important differences in the sector being thoughtfully and accurately considered.

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